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  1. tifftopdf

    Update: This script has been changed to work with both python2 and python3.

    It is not uncommon for legacy 2D drawings to be scanned and then distributed as black/white TIFF files. While these files are relatively compact, viewing them can be a PITA. The previewer on windows XP (which ...

  2. mkhistory

    Update: The script is now compatible with both python2 and python3.

    Formatting git changelogs for LaTeX

    Most of the things I write, be it software or something else, are under revision control with git. Mostly because it makes undoing mistakes easy. My LaTeX documents are no exception. With software it ...

  3. csv2tbl

    The script takes a comma-separated values ("csv") file, and converts it to a LaTeX table. It handles a couple of different possible seperators; semicolon, comma and tab. Of those it automatically pics the one that occurs most.

    N.B.: it does not try to interpret quotation marks!

    It ...

  4. dxftools


    The purpose of the 'dxfgerber' program is to generate optimized DXF files for processing on a Gerber cutting machine. The software for this cutter is apparently not very intelligent and doesn't seem able to sort line and arc entities in a DXF file in a relevant order.

    This ...
  5. py-stl / stl2pov

    (tl;dr: download the latest version.)


    The origin of this software was found in the desire of the author to render 3D CAD models using the POV-ray raytracer. Next to geometric primitives, POV-ray can also use meshes. One obvious way to generate those from CAD software is to use ...

  6. lamprop

    (tl;dr: download the latest version.)


    The purpose of this program is to calculate some properties of fiber-reinforced composite laminates. It calculates:

    • engineering properties like Ex, Ey, Gxy
    • thermal properties CTE_x and CTE_y
    • physical properties like density and laminate thickness
    • stiffness and compliance matrices (ABD and abd)

    Although these ...

  7. rrm

    This program takes filenames as arguments. It overwrites the contents of these files with zeros, replaces the filename with a random one and then unlinks the files.

    GPG signature:
    Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (FreeBSD)

    QPdB ...
  8. onepad

    This is a set of programs to encrypt files using one-time-pad encryption. This is an old but theoretically impossible to easily break way of encryption. I came across this method in Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon.

    It works by XOR-ing every byte in the cleartext message with a byte in the ...

  9. Symbols for labeling chemicals

    This package contains Encapsulated PostScript versions of the symbols used to label chemicals, according to EU directive 67/548/EEC Annex II.


    From Januari 2012 these symbols will be obsolete in Europe. From that time onwards, all chemicals should be labelled according to the GHS. For pure substances (not ...

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