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Making Ex Libris booklabels

It has been my custom to mark books that I buy with my name and date of purchase. Initially I wrote these, but that became tedious. Since I'm not much of a graphic artist, I decided on creating a simple booklabel in LaTeX, as shown below. I'm using TeX's Latin Modern fonts. These may look a bit gaunt in pictures since they are optimized for print. The Dunhill font (the Latern Modern version) is used to create the monogram.

Ex Libris of R.F. Smith

The following LaTeX code produced this image.

% -*- latex -*-
% LaTeX sourcecode file for printing 89x36 mm stickers (four on a page) for
% marking books.
% Written by R.F. Smith <> in 2003 and placed in the
% public domain
% Settings for the label package; 4 89x36 stickers.
% Fonts for the logo
\newfont{\duf}{rm-lmdunh10 at 15pt}
\newfont{\xlf}{rm-lmdunh10 at 60pt}

  januari\or februari\or maart\or april\or mei\or juni\or
  juli\or augustus\or september\or oktober\or november\or
  \space \number\year}

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Start of the document %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
      \Large Ex Libris
  \parbox{15mm}{% Logo
      \put(0,2){\xlf S}
      \put(4,15.5){\duf R}
      \put(4,4.5){\duf F}
    {\large Roland Smith}\\
%%%%%%%%%%%%%% End of the document contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%