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  1. py-stl / stl2pov


    The Python version of this program has been renamed to stltools. The version on this page is therefore out of date.

    The C version is still current, although it has limited functionality compared with the Python version.


    The origin of this software was found in the desire of ...

  2. Switch to pelican website generator

    If this website looks different, it is probably because I switched to the pelican website generator to create it.

    When I started my website, I edited the html files by hand in emacs. I kept that up for a long time, even after blogging software became available.

    Relatively recently, I ...

  3. Switching to the vim editor

    date: 2015-08-02
    original date: 2013-08-17
    category: howto
    tags: vim editor

    After having been an emacs user for a long time, I was starting to grow disenchanted with it around version 24. My main problem is that it was starting to get really slow. Not just in starting up, but also in daily use, specially it you kept an instance open ...

  4. Unicode characters

    Unicode and specifically UTF-8 is becoming more widely used. In my favorite editor, emacs, I use an input method according to RFC1345. This covers a lot of symbols, but also leaves a lot out. In emacs you can input any unicode character that you know the code-point of with CTRL-x ...

  5. Making a subset of a git repository

    Since I am in the process of making most of my programs available on github, I have been re-shuffling the some git repositories. Especially my collection of scripts (small programs for different purposes). Because some of those scripts are private, I don't want to publish that repository as a whole.

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