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  1. Automated local backups

    These days it is commonplace to have hardware or software RAID1, even in common PCs. In previous machines I've used ataraid to implement RAID1.

    The advantage is that every write is recorded on two disks at once, minimizing the chance of data loss. The flip side of the coin ...

  2. Should system backups be compressed?

    Every now and then I make backups of my FreeBSD system's filesystems with the venerable dump program. This is the only program that can capture all features of the UFS filesystem. The filesystems to be backed up are:

    • The root filesystem.
    • The /usr filesystem.
    • The /var filesystem.


    My ...

  3. Making a composite plug or mould

    For the bus rear floor we initially made a prototype mould. This was done because of time constraints and because we weren't sure that there wouldn't be changes to the design.

    Now that the design is frozen it is time to make a fiberglass mould. This is done ...

  4. Cycling in the snow

    On the 15th of January we had a couple of centimeters of snow. It wasn't that much (even for us), but it did look beautiful.

    I took a small detour over the unpaved path through the Triangular Wood to take the picture below.

    cycling in the snow

    It is not often that I ...

  5. Headphone repair

    For listening to music and watching movies on a PC, I prefer headphones. Years ago, I bought a Sennheiser HD 280 PRO, which I like very much. It sounds good and really attenuates external noise well (32 dB).

    Sadly though, the earpieces were disintegrating after years of service. As soon ...

  6. Potato wedges from the oven

    These are delicious, easy and fast to make. No need to cook the potatoes beforehand.

    Peeled potato wedges wedges in a container with oil
    • Peel the potatoes and and cut them into wedges.
    • Put the wedges in a container and pour some oil over them. Olive oil is nice. But any edible oil that can withstand oven temperatures will ...
  7. Nginx webserver setup

    After having written my website by hand for years, I've switched to the pelican website generator. To test this generated site I needed a webserver.

    Over the years I've used apache, lighttpd and thttpd. But none of those really worked like I wanted to. So I thought I ...

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