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  1. Using gnuplot from Python

    According to my revision control systems (rcs in those days), I’ve been using gnuplot to make graphs since at least 2002. And I’ve got it set up via a custom gnuplotrc to match the style of the TeX documents I often use the graphs in.

    At work we …

  2. PDF tricks

    This article contains several useful tricks for manipulating PDF files.

    The focus of this article is on Open Source and Free software, that are available for UNIX-like operating systems. These tools are made for use on the command-line of a shell.

    Adding password restrictions to a PDF file

    PDF …

  3. Updating python3 to 3.6

    This article document how I updated python3 from version 3.5 to 3.6 on FreeBSD.

    This article is written for FreeBSD 11-STABLE amd64. The procedure on other supported FreeBSD versions should be similar if not identical. Commands following a “>” can be run as an unprivileged user. Commands following …

  4. Parallel execution with Python

    With Python it is relatively easy to make programs go faster by running things in parallel on multiple cores. This article shows you how.

    We sill concentrate on a type of problem that is easy to parallelize.

    Problem description

    Suppose you have a huge number of files and a program …

  5. Updating Python to 3.5

    This article documents the process I followed to update Python 3.4 to 3.5 on my FreeBSD machines.


    The goal is to replace Python 3.4 and all the packages that depend on it by Python 3.5. Normally I would use portmaster for updating but at the …

  6. Python bindings for libmagic

    This documents how I installed Python bindings for libmagic.

    There are actually different bindings for libmagic. One set is part of the original distribution. It can be found in /usr/src/contrib/file/python/. But in my opinion it is somewhat cumbersome to use and not very Pythonic.

    The implementation …

  7. SHA256 in pure Python

    This is a python implementation of the SHA256 command-line program, for operating systems that lack it.

    Its options and output are based on the version available in FreeBSD. But of all the options available in the FreeBSD version it currently only supports the -c option.

    The script can …

  8. img4latex

    This script “image for LaTeX” is meant for generating LaTeX figure environments of pictures.

    It handles the same picture types that pdfLaTeX can handle; pdf, jpeg and png. To be able to do this, it requires the PostScript interpreter ghostscript and the identify program from the ImageMagick suite.

    This script …

  9. Managing configuration files with ‘deploy’

    The deploy script is a program for managing configuration files. This script grew out of my need for a multi-functional installer for configuration files. I tend to keep those files in a separate git repository rather than changing my $HOME into a git repository.


    On UNIX, there is the …

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