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  1. git-check-all

    This scripts looks for all directories in the users’ home directory that are managed by the git revision control system (i.e. that have a .git subdirectory).

    For each of those directories it checks whether there are uncommitted changes by running git status. If there aren’t any, it runs …

  2. make-flac

    In this day and age I want to have my music collection available on my computer. Lugging around all my CDs is unpractical and storage is relatively cheap. So I’ve used FLAC to convert them all to high-quality music files.

    The make-flac python script is what I use to …

  3. markphotos

    The script adds a copyright notice to JPEG pictures as metadata.

    Update: This script was moved to my scripts repo on github on 2017-12-28.

    It is written in python (version 3) and uses exiftool. This is not a visible notice, but one contained in the file’s metadata …

  4. tifftopdf

    Update: This script has been moved to my scripts repo on github.

    It is not uncommon for legacy 2D drawings to be scanned and then distributed as black/white TIFF files. While these files are relatively compact, viewing them can be a PITA. The previewer on windows XP (which is …

  5. csv2tbl

    The script takes a comma-separated values (“csv”) file, and converts it to a LaTeX table. It handles a couple of different possible seperators; semicolon, comma and tab. Of those it automatically pics the one that occurs most.

    N.B.: it does not try to interpret quotation marks!

    It …

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