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  1. Formatting git changelogs for LaTeX

    Most of the things I write, be it software or something else, are under revision control with git. Mostly because it makes undoing mistakes easy. My LaTeX documents are no exception. With software it is customary to have a change-log (like the one generated by the git log command). I ...

  2. Typesetting

    Since the end of 2009 I’ve been using MultiMarkdown to format these pages, as an alternative to typing in HTML codes by hand, since the latter is becoming tedious. :-) So far, I find it rather comfortable. The advantage of multimarkdown over the original markdown systax is the support of ...

  3. Printing labels with LaTeX

    I bought a packet of 500 labels, see below. On the left is the front of the package. A page with four labels is shown in the middle.

    Unused and printed labels

    These labels were probably originally intended for a matrix printer since the pages are strung together. The page boundary is perforated, so ...

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