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  1. Additional close-up photos

    The picture below on the left shows a close-up of the surface of a carbon fiber and epoxy resin laminate. On the right is the same surface after sanding. Sanding exposes the fibers in the laminate, creating lots of places where glue can seep between the fibers creating mechanical adhesion …

  2. Surface energy

    When investigating a bonding problem at work, I made this picture of a water droplet resting on a carbon fiber and epoxy resin laminate, to measure the contact angle, which is an indicator of surface energy.

    water droplet on a carbon-fiber epoxy laminate

    This particular laminate turns out to have a low surface energy; it does not …

  3. Me at work

    It occurred to me that I only rarely have a picture taken with me in it. Usually I’m the one holding the camera. So here are a couple of “action shots”. :-)

    R.F. Smith performing a flamability test R.F. Smith during infusion of a first prototype

    The first picture is me doing an informal test to see if a material that we made is …

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