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Yes, please: #DeleteFacebook. But don’t leave it at that.

Cut facebook out of your life altogether.

Step 1: delete your facebook account

For me, the first step is easy: I don’t use facebook, and never have. :-)

Here is a guide to delete your facebook account properly.

Step 2: make facebook and its subsidiaries unreachable from your network

Set up your DNS

You could set up your DNS to not resolve the following domains:


This means that the software running on computers and phones connected through your network cannot contact to hosts on those domains by name.

So any webpage that contains a facebook script to tattle on you cannot find them. (Note that a webpage containing a script that has an IP address for a host one of the above domains hardcoded, it can still reach it.)

Block facebook in your hosts list

If you don’t know how to configure your DNS, you can add the known hosts from facebook to your hosts file, resolving them to

Even better, resolve those domains to an address that is specifically blocked by your firewall.

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