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  1. Playing a sound when the battery is low

    Although I have a battery indicator on the bottom of my laptop screen I don’t alway check that often enough. That’s why I wanted to add an extra warning in the form of an audio signal. So even if I’m turned away from the laptop, it should still catch my attention.

  2. Roll back a FreeBSD port with svnlite

    Sometimes I’m too hasty with updating ported applications, and I need to roll them back to a working version. Since I use svnlite to manage my ports tree, this is relatively easy. But since it is different than I’m used to (since I mostly use git), I thought I would document it here for convenience.

  3. Install ntpsec on FreeBSD

    date: 2018-01-28
    modified: 2019-07-30
    reading time: 2 min.
    category: freebsd
    tags: ntp python3

    A short article on how to install ntpsec on FreeBSD. Tested with 0.9.7 and 1.0.0.


    There is/was a bug in the ntpdate implementation that set the clock to a completely bogus value. So I’ve since written a simple script that runs from cron to fetch the time from a near NTP server.

  4. Building gphoto2-ffi on FreeBSD

    date: 2017-04-18
    reading time: 1 min.
    category: freebsd


    Clone the repository from

    > cd ~/github
    > git clone

    Build …

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