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  1. An autumn commute

    The photos on this page were taken on a lovely day in the autumn, when I was cycling to work for a late shift. This is a bit of a scenic route, about 2 km longer than the shortest route. But on such a beautiful day I like taking this detour.

    date: 2011-11-13
    reading time: 2 min.
    category: cycling
    tags: photos
  2. Scorpion recumbent trike

    The last couple of winters were quite cold overhere. We also had much more snow than we’re used to. This trend seems to be due to global warming. This year we already had our first serious snow in November, which is quite early.

  3. Cycling versus driving a car in 2009

    A poll on the (defunct) Ecovelo website made me ponder the distances I covered by bike and by car last year. I realized that the distance I covered by bicycle last year was at least double the distance I covered by car. I’m genuinely pleased with that!

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