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Scorpion trike modifications

he trike has been working extremely well as my commuter bike. Especially on slippery roads. Of course plowing through snow will slow you down.

The luggage carrier is fairly small for my Radical Design large rack bag as can be seen in the photo below. If the bag is heavy, it tends to tip over. So I took a piece of a rejected carbon-fiber product and fabricated that into a support platform, which I fastened to the rack with four zip ties.

Alternatively, I could have fitted standard Dutch cycling bags (“fietstassen”), but I decided against that. My top bag gives me sufficient storage for grocery runs and commuting. The cycling bags while spacious are a bit of a wind-catcher.

After inflating the Schwalbe Big Apple tires from 3 to 5 bar, the trike is noticably faster. This confirms what I’ve read on that the rolling resistance of these tires increases sharply below 4 bar. The inflated tire did rub against the front right fender. A set screw on the fender falls in the gap in the clamp preventing the fender from rotating (see the picture on the right). To fix the fender position, I removed the fender, loosened the clamp in the picture and rotated it slightly to the back of the bike and re-tightened it and re-attached the fender.

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