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An autumn commute

date: 2011-11-13
reading time: 2 min.
category: cycling
tags: photos

The photos on this page were taken on a lovely day in the autumn, when I was cycling to work for a late shift. This is a bit of a scenic route, about 2 km longer than the shortest route. But on such a beautiful day I like taking this detour.

My trike

My commuting tool of choice, a Scorpion recumbent trike, made by HP Velotechnik. All pictures were made sitting in the seat of this trike, which is quite low above the ground.

Cycling down the street

Starting off. This is actually one of the few places where I’m using the road. Most of my commute is over the excellent cyclepaths we enjoy in the Netherlands.

Red cyclepath

Purpose-built cyclepaths are usually a red-ish color in the Netherlands.

Oude Bossche baan

Oude Bossche baan”. Long ago this was the main road to Den Bosch, I think. Now this piece is just a cyclepath along some sport fields.


Driehoeksbos. This is part of the “rondje Eindhoven” (around Eindhoven) cycling route.

Achtse Barrier

Crossing into the “Achtse Barrier”. This is like a cycling “highway”, running through the entire district.

Park with playground

A park with playgrounds to the right of my route,

Houses next to the cyclepath

and houses on the left. This is one of my favorite cyclepaths in Eindhoven.

Crossing the "Franse baan".

Crossing the “Franse baan”.

Red cyclepath

And into the outskirts of Eindhoven.

Cycling along

The path winds for a little while,

Winding road

then up the embankment that acts as a sound wall between the “Achtse barrier” and the highway.

Up on the embankment

The leaves are falling.

Mushrooms fruiting

And mushrooms are fruiting all over the place.

Follow left here

Still following the “rondje Einhoven” route.

Looking at the viaduct.

But here we turn off, across the viaduct over the highway.

Spokes glittering in the sunlight

Spokes glittering in the sunlight. Live to ride. :-)

The road around "Aquabest"

The road around “Aquabest”, a local natural pool.

Empty roundabout in autumn

Of course in the autumn, pools are not very busy.

Empty cyclepath to the pool

In the summer, this path is a lot busier.

Turn to the left here.

We are about to take a left turn.

Through the woods

And into the woods we go.

A walking lane

A quiet walking lane crossing the cyclepath.

Fallen leaves

The grass next to the path is covered in fallen leaves.


Old fashnoined road signs for cyclists. I like their look, though.

Going towards the bridge.

Leading up to the bridge over the canal. To the left are signs indicating cycle routes.

An unpainted wooden bridge.

The wooden bridge coming into view.

The bridge

Turning onto the bridge.

The view from the bridge.

The view from the bridge is quite something.

All wood construction

Detail of the wooden construction.

A cargo boat approaches

A inland cargo vessel approaching the bridge.

Turning toward Best.

After the brigde, turning left towards Best.

Along the canal

Along the canal, the bridge carrying the “Eindhovenseweg Zuid” comes into view.

A look back.

We’re slowly leaving the wooded area.

My workplace on the right.

And arriving at my workplace.

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