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Building vkQuake 1.22.0 on FreeBSD

The FreeBSD port is relatively old, and doesn’t support SDL 2.2. So I built version 1.22.0, which is current at the time of writing.

The requirements are the same als the port.

Download the source

From Put it in ~/tmp.

Build the source

It also has a meson/ninja build system, but the Makefile in the Quake subdirectory works fine with gmake.

Note that the DO_USERDIRS feature seems to be broken. Even if I set it, vkQuake still requires the -basedir argument to run.

cd tmp/src
tar xf ../vkQuake-1.22.0.tar.gz
cd vkQuake-1.22.0/Quake/
gmake -j 4 -e MP3LIB=mpg123 -e USE_CODEC_FLAC=1
install -m 700 vkquake ~/.local/bin/
cd ../..
rm -rf vkQuake-1.22.0

Run it

Create a directory $HOME/.vkquake/id1. Copy the quake files pak0.pak and pak1.pak there.


As of release 1.22.0, the configuration file is vkQuakge.cfg. So you should probably rename $HOME/.vkquake/id1/config.cfg to $HOME/.vkquake/id1/vkQuake.cfg.

Then create an alias.

alias quake vkquake -basedir ${HOME}/.vkquake

Now you can type quake to play.


After downloading the “arcane dimensions” mod, I installed it in ~/.vkquake/ad, and ran it with vkquake -basedir ${HOME}/.vkquake -game ad.

For comments, please send me an e-mail.

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