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In this day and age I want to have my music collection available on my computer. Lugging around all my CDs is unpractical and storage is relatively cheap. So I’ve used FLAC to convert them all to high-quality music files.

The make-flac python script is what I use to help me with that. Generally I rip the CD to disk using cdparanoia. Meanwhile I compile a text file containing the name of the album, the artist and the names of the tracks. That file is used by the make-flac script to call the flac program to do the actual conversion. On machines with multiple cores, it runs the conversions in parallel.

You can find the script on github. It requires python (version 3 ) and FLAC.

python (version 3), FLAC


The script is now compatible with both Python 2 and Python 3. But it uses the latter by default. Change the first line of the script if you want to use Python 2. In that case you should also add the following line to the script:

from __future__ import print_function

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