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Travel to New Zealand

On the 18th of December I left for NZ. Compared to my previous journeys I did not do a stopover but just switched planes. This time in Seoul. This switch took quite some time; the arrival and departure gates were far apart, even taking into account that you had to take a metro line. All in all it took around 45 minutes to get from the arrival to the departure gate. This includes an additional x-ray and metal detector inspection.

Another difference was that I booked business class. Each leg of the flight takes around 11 hours, and for someone of my height the chairs in economy class are too narrow and too close together. Business class chairs are more adjustable and can be placed almost flat so you can actually get some sleep. And you have heaps more legroom. Two business class seats fit in the same width as three economy class seats.

The meals in business class are also a lot better. Definitely the best I’ve ever eaten on an airplane. The seats in business class contain a power outlet, so I could use my laptop.

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