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Testing a Basetech energy monitor 2000

To monitor the power usage of my electric motorcycle and appliances, I bought a Basetech EM2000. Before using it for real monitoring, I wanted to test it to get a feel for the accuracy

As a test, I used it to monitor the energy usage of my water kettle. I filled thh cooker up to the level of “5 cups” with tap water. Using a measuring beaker, I determined that this is approximately 1.2 liter of water, which is also approximately 1.2 kg.

water level in kettle; approx 1.2 liters.

The tap water is slightly colder than room temperature, say 14 °C (my thermometer wouldn’t register it).

Bringing the water to boiling point took 0.13 kWh according to the meter. It took around four minutes

energy used: 0.13 kWh. time to boil the water; four minutes.

That converts to 468 kJ. This includes heating up the element and the metal kettle itself. The energy needed to boil the water is 4.184·(100 - 14)·1.2 = 432 kJ.

Given the uncertainties involved, I would say that this is reasonably accurate.

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