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Making Ex Libris booklabels

It has been my custom to mark books that I buy with my name and date of purchase. Initially I wrote these, but that became tedious. Since I’m not much of a graphic artist, I decided on creating a simple booklabel in LaTeX, as shown below.

Old Ex Libris of R.F. Smith

In 2014 I updated the design, using TeX Gyre Pagella for the text and Latin Modern Roman for the logo.

Ex Libris of R.F. Smith

The following LaTeX code produced this image.

% file: exlibris.tex
% vim:fileencoding=utf-8
% Author: R.F. Smith <>
% Created: 2003

% Settings for the label package; 4 89x36 stickers.
% For the monogram
\newfont{\LMR}{cs-lmr10 at 10pt}

januari\or februari\or maart\or april\or mei\or juni\or
juli\or augustus\or september\or oktober\or november\or
\space \number\year}

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Start of the document %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    \Large Ex Libris
\parbox{15mm}{% Logo
    {\large Roland Smith}\\
%%%%%%%%%%%%%% End of the document contents %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

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