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Transplanting noscript settings and bookmarks to another machine

After upgrading a laptop to 12-CURRENT, I had problems with firefox 57 choking on some javascript in an extension. So I renamed my ~/.mozilla directory and let firefox create a new one. That solved the problem. But with that I lost my noscript settings and my bookmarks.

Restoring noscript settings

Now, in the noscript version that I’m using, the “Export” button in the options page doesn’t work. Luckily, there is an easy workaround.

Extensions in Firefox 57+ seem to use a file storage.js to store their settings. This is a JSON file. On a UNIX-like machine, you can find these using the following command from your home directory in a shell.

> find .mozilla -type f -name 'storage.js'

In my case this turns up two candidates in a browser-extension-data subdirectory. The right one was quickly found while looking in the file. I copied this same file to the equivalent location on the laptop, started firefox and it worked.

Restoring bookmarks

I opened the library window via “Open menu” → “Library” → “Bookmarks” → “Show All Bookmarks”. In that window I Accessed the “Backup…” menu via “Import and Backup”. This saved all bookmarks in a file bookmarks-2017-12-16.json. This was copied to the other machine and imported.

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