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Since the end of 2009 I’ve been using MultiMarkdown to format these pages, as an alternative to typing in HTML codes by hand, since the latter is becoming tedious. :-) In 2012 I switched to using reStructuredText. So far, I find it rather comfortable.

But this weekend as I was updating my logbook that I typeset using the LaTeX memoir class, it struck me that TeX is still king of the hill when it comes to excellent quality affordable typesetting. Wouldn’t it be great if webpages could be displayed by browsers using the superb TeX engine? With proper accents, ligatures, kerning and hyphenation? And a paragraph-filling line-breaking algorithm that is actually pleasing to the eye?

LaTeX formatted output of lamprop

Above is a table from the original PDF file of my logbook, which is typeset with LaTeX using the TeX Gyre Schola font family. I think it looks pretty fine. This table is autogenerated by my lamprop software. It depicts the layer build-up and engineering properties of a fiberglass reinforced polyester laminate. The page in question was imported into the GIMP at 300 dpi, and the table was cropped and scaled to 35% of its original size.

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