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  1. Simple for python scripts

    Installing Python scripts (as opposed to modules) is a too involved using distutils/setuptools. Those do not take into account zipped archives and scripts using a GUI toolkit. The latter is a problem on ms-windows.

    So I wrote my own setup scripts to do things differently;

    • A simple setup script that works on single-file scripts.
    • A setup script that can wrap applications plus their custom module up in a zip-file and install it as a single self-contained file.
    • They should work on POSIX and ms-windows without root/administrator privileges.
    • And they should not require anything outside the python standard library.

    These scripts are now available on github as setup-py-script.

  2. Decoding temperature data logger files

    At work, we recently bought an EBI 40 TC-01 6-channel temperature logger. It saves data in a file with the ed3 extension. It comes with a ms-windows program to show the data and export to CSV and ms-excel.

    However, I want to be able to use the data on my FreeBSD workstation. So I have to figure out the data format of the ed3 files.

  3. On the nature of GUI programs

    This is based on answers (1, 2) I gave on stackoverflow. That answer is specific to the tkinter toolkit that comes with Python. The principles apply to other GUI toolkits and languages as well but the terminology used (like mainloop and idle task) may be different.

  4. Including binary data in Python scripts

    Sometimes I need to use some binary data (e.g. a bitmap image) in a Python script. In a package, you can store this data portable in a data subdirectory of a modules using the package_data argument of setuptools.setup. This won’t work in a standalone script. You can of course make your script into a package, but here I want to show an alternative solution.

  5. A simple feed reader for Youtube

    As an exercise, I wrote a small script to read the Atom feeds for some favourite youtube channels. Of course I could have installed a “real” feed-reader, but that would be overkill and not half as much fun. :-)

  6. Attempting a conky replacement in Python (part 2)

    In part 1 we say that a simple replacement for conky for generating a statusline for i3 can be achieved. But since it uses the subprocess module to call external programs it is pretty CPU intensive.

    The question now is if we can reduce that? For that we’re going to use mmap to look at the mailbox, and call sysctlbyname(3) using ctypes to get the remaining system information. Note that sysctl et al and the names used are specific to FreeBSD.

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