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  1. Parallel execution with Python

    With Python it is relatively easy to make programs go faster by running things in parallel on multiple cores. This article shows you how.

    We sill concentrate on a type of problem that is easy to parallelize.

  2. Python bindings for libmagic

    This documents how I installed Python bindings for libmagic.

    There are actually different bindings for libmagic. One set is part of the original distribution. It can be found in /usr/src/contrib/file/python/. But in my opinion it is somewhat cumbersome to use and not very Pythonic.

    The implementation from ahupp/python-magic in Github feels more natural.

  3. SHA256 in pure Python

    date: 2015-08-03
    modified: 2018-12-15
    reading time: 1 min.
    category: software
    tags: python3

    This is a python implementation of the SHA256 command-line program, for operating systems that lack it.

  4. Managing configuration files with ‘deploy’

    The deploy script is a program for managing configuration files. This script grew out of my need for a multi-functional installer for configuration files. I tend to keep those files in a separate git repository rather than changing my $HOME into a git repository.

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