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  1. Patching CalculiX Graphics to fix flipped screen hardcopy

    Since some time, I’ve had the problem that generating hardcopy images from cgx doesn’t work properly; the pictures are inverted vertically.

    At first, I thought this might have been a change in cgx. But comparing the source code for cgx.c for 2.16 up to and including 2.19, I don’t see anything that would explain it.

  2. ImageMagick: convert vs Wand

    The ImageMagick suite has been in my software toolbox for years. It is my go-to tool for manipulating bitmap images. Over the years I have written several front-ends for specific tasks for in Python.

    In general, I have used the subprocess module to launch convert or mogrify from Python.

    With the release of Wand 0.5.0 which supports ImageMagick 7, I decided to try that by porting one of my scripts (foto4lb) to it. This turned out to be slower than using convert directly.

    But now it is 2021. Py-wand is at 0.6.7 and it is time to try again.

  3. PDF tricks

    This article contains several useful tricks for manipulating PDF files.

    The focus of this article is on Free Software, that are available for UNIX-like operating systems. These tools are made for use on the command-line of a shell.

  4. foto4lb

    Photos from modern digital cameras are generally so large these days that you have to shrink them to use them …

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