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  1. Inplace editing

    This article describes how to edit files in-place programmatically. This has been part of my toolbox for a long time, so I thought I’d document it here.

  2. Using sed

    As I’ve written about before (see engineering), I often use CalculiX for structural mechanics calculations of products made from composites. These often involve calculating lots of different combinations of materials, lay-ups and load cases. For convenience and for them being self-contained, each variant is usually in a different directory.

    So when I find an improvement to e.g. a pre.fbd, Makefile or job.inp, I want modify all of the other instances as well. This is where sed (which stands for “stream editor”) comes into play.

    date: 2022-05-22
    modified: 2022-08-31
    reading time: 5 min.
    category: howto
    tags: sed

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