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This is my home in the virtual world, where I write about things that I want to share. The freely available software that I've written as well as some of the photographs I've taken over the years can also be found here. Please use the navigation links on the right if you are looking for something.

Recent articles

  1. Initializing a new git repo for a project

    Create a directory for the new project:

    mkdir newproject
    cd newproject

    Initialize for git:

    git init

    Tell git which types of files to ignore, e.g. compiled Python files:

    printf '*.pyc\n*.pyo' >.gitignore

    Using filters we can change do keyword expansion during check-out. A filter named kw is defined ...

  2. Setting the terminal title with urxvt and tcsh

    Generally I use ssh from an urxvt terminal window running tceh to log into other machines. But since the title of all my urxvt windows defaults to “Shell”, it can get confusing.

    To set the terminal windows' title, I use the following command from the shell running in the terminal ...

  3. Compiling asymptote for TeXLive on FreeBSD

    When I try to use the version of asymptote that comes with TeXLive, it fails with an error:

    Shared object "" not found, required by "asy"

    So I decided to recompile asymptote. Here's how to do that.

    On my FreeBSD 9.2 system, the original asymptote program ...

  4. Enjoying the sunshine

    On the 8th and 9th of March 2014 it was unseasonably warm. In fact the temperatures on both days have been the warmest on those dates since recording began in 1901.

    Here in Eindhoven the temperature reached 21 °C today! So I got out the lawn-chair and enjoyed the sunshine!

    sunshine on the balcony
  5. New Zealand 2013/2014: favorite pictures

    At the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 I spent a month on holiday in NZ, and had a great time. Below is a selection of my favorite pictures from that holiday.

    The comments are interspersed between the pictures. They belong with the picture above.

    img_2363.jpg img_2364.jpg

    The beach at Napier ...

  6. Public key

    What follows is the public part of the openpgp key that I use to sign my e-mail and software packages.


    On 2014-03-02 I generated a new 4096-bit key which is going to replace my old key.

    Old key:

    pub   1024D/C321A725 2000-08-29
        Key fingerprint = 1A2B 477F 9970 BA3C 2914 ...
  7. Python number conversions

    Sometimes one has to convert numbers from and to different formats. Below are some examples in Python that I picked up over time. What you see are excerpts of IPython sessions.

    To and from hexadecimal (base 16):

    In [1]: hex(100)
    Out[1]: '0x64'
    In [2]: int(0xa7)
    Out[2 ...
  8. Daal

    date: 2013-12-28
    category: recipes

    This is a recipe that I got from my big sister. She got it from her friend Charlotte. Thanks to both. :-)

    • one onion, finely chopped
    • two big cloves of garlic, finely chopped
    • one green chili, seeds removed, finely chopped (or some dried chili, like piri piri)
    • one carrot peeled and ...
  9. Travel in New Zealand

    To get from Auckland to Napier I had booked a domestic flight because that should take only one hour instead of eight by bus!

    Do make sure that there is sufficient time between the arrival of your international flight and the boarding of the domestic flight. We ware slated to ...

  10. Travel to New Zealand

    On the 18th of December I left for NZ. Compared to my previous journeys I did not do a stopover but just switched planes. This time in Seoul. This switch took quite some time; the arrival and departure gates were far apart, even taking into account that you had to ...

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