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  1. New Zealand 2013/2014: favorite pictures

    At the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 I spent a month on holiday in NZ, and had a great time. Below is a selection of my favorite pictures from that holiday.

    The comments are interspersed between the pictures. They belong with the picture above.

    img_2363.jpg img_2364.jpg

    The beach at Napier …

  2. Cycling in the snow

    On the 15th of January we had a couple of centimeters of snow. It wasn’t that much (even for us), but it did look beautiful.

    I took a small detour over the unpaved path through the Triangular Wood to take the picture below.

    cycling in the snow

    It is not often that I …

  3. Riding a pair of Scorpion Trikes

    I’ve been riding a HP Velotechnik Scropion trike since December 2010. When my sister Mae came over from New Zealand for the summer holidays, we wanted to go on a cycling trip, but the weather wasn’t very good. But we managed to find a nice day to make …

  4. Business trip to Shanghai

    The photos on this page have been taken during a business trip in and around Shanghai (上海) in May 2011. Most of them were taken on a sunday, because that was the only time we weren’t meeting with people or travelling.

    The comments are interspersed between the pictures. They …

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