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  1. SHA256 in pure Python

    This is a python implementation of the SHA256 command-line program, for operating systems that lack it.

    Its options and output are based on the version available in FreeBSD. But of all the options available in the FreeBSD version it currently only supports the -c option.

    The script can …

  2. img4latex

    This script “image for LaTeX” is meant for generating LaTeX figure environments of pictures.

    It handles the same picture types that pdfLaTeX can handle; pdf, jpeg and png. To be able to do this, it requires the PostScript interpreter ghostscript and the identify program from the ImageMagick suite.

    This script …

  3. Managing configuration files with ‘deploy’

    The deploy script is a program for managing configuration files. This script grew out of my need for a multi-functional installer for configuration files. I tend to keep those files in a separate git repository rather than changing my $HOME into a git repository.


    On UNIX, there is the …

  4. Opening files from the command line

    This Python script is a small helper to open files from the command line. It was inspired by a OS X utility of the same name.

    A lot of my interaction with the files on my computers is done through a command-line shell, even though I use the X Window …

  5. TeXcalc

    As an engineer, I often do diverse calculations that I want to save in my logbooks which I write in LaTeX. Up to now I’ve either formatted those by hand or used the listings package to include calculations made in IPython.

    These techniques are not optimal. Formatting by hand …

  6. Stltools

    From the release of version 3.2, the py-stl software has been renamed to stltools. The reason I made this change mostly has to do with how FreeBSD handles packages. Programs that require an interpreter are prefixed with its name and version. So py-stl would become py27-py-stl, which would be …

  7. Generate random passwords

    One way of making hard to guess passwords is to take random data and encode it with base64 to make it readable. This is what I’ve done in the script.

    This is mainly useful for passwords that you can store in a secure manner (like in an …

  8. vid2mkv

    My digital camera can also produce movies, like most camera’s these days. It saves them in AVI format, with relatively poor mjpeg compression and uncompressed sound.

    So I wrote this python script to convert these AVI files to Theora / Vorbis streams in a matroška container. It takes the video …

  9. vid2mp4

    Videos with H.264 video and AAC sound im MP4 containers seem to strike a very good size performance balance. So I modified a copy of vid2mkv to use ffmpeg to create this kind of files instead.

    To speed up the processing of multiple files, this script runs the conversions …

  10. genbackup

    This shell-script makes a backup (with the tar program) of the directory from which it is called, with all its contents. It is one of the smallest scripts I’ve ever written but I’ve found it really useful to make fast complete backups of e.g. source archives.

    The …

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