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  1. Installing Pelican 4

    Pelican is the static site generator that I use for my website. This allows me to write my website posts in almost plain text (actually a light-weight markup language named reStructuredText), which are then translated into HTML. As someone who has written his webpages in HTML by hand, I can …

  2. Measuring particulate matter with the PMS5003

    This article details how I used the Plantower PMS5003 particulate matter (“PM”) sensor on a PC or laptop, using an FT232H breakout board to make the connection.


    My reasons for buying this device are so that I can measure airborne particulate matter at home and at work. So I …

  3. Install ntpsec on FreeBSD

    A short article on how to install ntpsec on FreeBSD. Tested with 0.9.7 and 1.0.0.


    You can find several download methods on the ntpsec website.


    As of 2017-07-29, the is no port for ntpsec yet. So on FreeBSD you have to compile it yourself …

  4. Using sqlite3 for time management

    After some initial experiments with sqlite as a replacement for a json data file format (which I did not pursue in the end), I have now started using sqlite in earnest. And I must say that I quite like it.

    At $work, we still have to submit written time sheets …

  5. Doing calculations with Python

    As an engineer I do a lot of calculations. These can be done with pen and paper and a calculator, in an IPython notebook or in a throwaway spreadsheet. All of these methods have shortcomings, though.

    Pen and paper is hard to share and (in my case) hard for others …

  6. Structures in Python

    Sometimes I miss the C’s plain old struct in Python.

    Of course Python has dictionaries, but I prefer to write a.b over a['b'].

    Here are several ways of doing something akin to a struct in Python.

    Using a dict subclass

    This is the shortest and most general …

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