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  1. Cycling in the snow

    On the 15th of January we had a couple of centimeters of snow. It wasn’t that much (even for us), but it did look beautiful.

    I took a small detour over the unpaved path through the Triangular Wood to take the picture below.

    cycling in the snow

    It is not often that I …

  2. Riding a pair of Scorpion Trikes

    I’ve been riding a HP Velotechnik Scropion trike since December 2010. When my sister Mae came over from New Zealand for the summer holidays, we wanted to go on a cycling trip, but the weather wasn’t very good. But we managed to find a nice day to make …

  3. Scorpion recumbent trike

    The last couple of winters were quite cold overhere. We also had much more snow than we’re used to. This trend seems to be due to global warming. This year we already had our first serious snow in November, which is quite early.

    Since cycling is my primary mode …

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