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  1. Should system backups be compressed?

    Every now and then I make backups of my FreeBSD system’s filesystems with the venerable dump program. This is the only program that can capture all features of the UFS filesystem. The filesystems to be backed up are:

    • The root filesystem.
    • The /usr filesystem.
    • The /var filesystem.


    My …

  2. Updating to FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE-p1

    There have been some changes in the FreeBSD update process. The csup program has been retired, source code updating is now done with subversion. Since I haven’t used that before, I’m documenting the steps that I took here.

    I’m using source updates instead of freebsd-update because I …

  3. Writing speed on FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE amd64

    Recently the question came up how fast the write speed of a disk drive on FreeBSD should be. I decided to test the hardware that I have at my disposal, which is a desktop machine and a laptop.

    The test is writing approximately 10 GB data from /dev/zero to …

  4. Updating to FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE

    Updating my desktop to 8.1-RELEASE from 8.0 was pretty straightforward. I used the following steps

    • Made a backup and verified that it can be restored. I cannot stress enough how important that is!
    • Using csup I updated my kernel sources, using the following supfile;
    *default host=cvsup …
  5. Enlarging networking buffers

    In the hope of increasing networking performance, I’ve set the following sysctls in /etc/sysctl.conf;

    # Increase send/receive buffer maximums from 256KB to 16MB.
    # FreeBSD 7.x and later will auto-tune the size, but only up to the max.
    net.inet.tcp.recvbuf_max …
  6. Defining command completions for tcsh

    The default interactive shell is tcsh. Recently I discovered that this shell also has the ability to complete your command-line by using the built-in complete command. After some experimentation, I’ve added the following lines to my /etc/csh.cshrc file:

    complete cd 'p/1/d/'
    complete man 'p/1 …
  7. Creating a virtual server on FreeBSD with a jail

    After Virtualbox crashed my machine, I decided to try my hand at building a virtual server using FreeBSD’s jail facility.

    First, I created a directory to serve as the root directory for my jail;

    slackbox# mkdir -p /usr/local/var/jails/

    Then I built the …

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