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  1. EPUB">Making my first EPUB

    Now that I got an EPUB reader, I started looking for a way to make EPUB documents.

    In principle, an EPUB file is a zipfile with a certain layout, as can be seen on the wikipedia page linked above.

    The actual contents are just XHTML, while the metadata files are ...

  2. Managing configuration files

    Configuration files for UNIX-like systems and the programs that run on them are usually plain text files. They tend to come in two flavors;

    System files
    These files live in /etc or /var or /usr/local/etc and control the running of the system and additional software, for all ...
  3. Me at work

    It occurred to me that I only rarely have a picture taken with me in it. Usually I’m the one holding the camera. So here are a couple of “action shots”. :-)

    R.F. Smith performing a flamability test R.F. Smith during infusion of a first prototype

    The first picture is me doing an informal test to see if a material that we made is ...

  4. New Zealand 2013/2014: favorite pictures

    At the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 I spent a month on holiday in NZ, and had a great time. Below is a selection of my favorite pictures from that holiday.

    The comments are interspersed between the pictures. They belong with the picture above.

    img_2363.jpg img_2364.jpg

    The beach at Napier ...

  5. onepad

    This is a set of programs to encrypt files using one-time-pad encryption. This is an old but theoretically impossible to easily break way of encryption. I came across this method in Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon.

    It works by XOR-ing every byte in the cleartext message with a byte in ...

  6. py-stl / stl2pov


    The Python version of this program has been renamed to stltools. The version on this page is therefore out of date.

    The C version is still current, although it has limited functionality compared with the Python version.


    The origin of this software was found in the desire of ...

  7. Switch to pelican website generator

    If this website looks different, it is probably because I switched to the pelican website generator to create it.

    When I started my website, I edited the html files by hand in emacs. I kept that up for a long time, even after blogging software became available.

    Relatively recently, I ...

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