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Switch to pelican website generator

If this website looks different, it is probably because I switched to the pelican website generator to create it.

When I started my website, I edited the html files by hand in emacs. I kept that up for a long time, even after blogging software became available.

Relatively recently, I switched to using a markdown dialect called multimarkdown, because typing html became bothersome. This worked well, but I wanted more, like tags, indexing, archiving et cetera. But preferably without the overhead of a full-blown blogging engine and while keeping my data available on my machine, in plain text.

In the course of discovering the python programming language, I came across a lot of different web frameworks. My experiments with plone are recorded in another article. It is very neat, but too big for what I’m after. Then I came across a list of static website generators. I looked at several, including ikiwiki and blogofile. But the one that caught my eye was pelican.

So I decided to convert my site to use pelican.

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