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  1. Convert RCS history to git

    date: 2017-08-13
    reading time: 1 min.
    category: howto
    tags: RCS git

    Before the rise of git, I used rcs as my version control system. Because I want to standardize on git, I am slowly converting old repositories.

    In this article I’ll be converting my old perl scripts in ~/src/perl.

  2. Removing big files from git history

    date: 2017-02-07
    reading time: 2 min.
    category: howto
    tags: git

    By accident I checked 60-odd full-size photographs into the git history of my website. I shrunk them in a next commit, but the history was still there leading to a bloated .git directory. This took a lot of time when making backups. This documents how I cleaned up this mess.

  3. Making a subset of a git repository

    date: 2015-05-14
    reading time: 2 min.
    category: howto
    tags: git

    Since I am in the process of making most of my programs available on github, I have been re-shuffling the some git repositories. Especially my collection of scripts (small programs for different purposes). Because some of those scripts are private, I don’t want to publish that repository as a whole.

  4. genbackup

    This shell-script makes a backup (with the tar program) of the directory from which it is called, with all its …

  5. git-check-all

    This scripts looks for all directories in the users’ home directory that are managed by the git revision control system …

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