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  1. genbackup

    This shell-script makes a backup (with the tar program) of the directory from which it is called, with all its contents. It is one of the smallest scripts I’ve ever written but I’ve found it really useful to make fast complete backups of e.g. source archives.

    The …

  2. Automated local backups

    These days it is commonplace to have hardware or software RAID1, even in common PCs. In previous machines I’ve used ataraid to implement RAID1.

    The advantage is that every write is recorded on two disks at once, minimizing the chance of data loss. The flip side of the coin …

  3. Should system backups be compressed?

    Every now and then I make backups of my FreeBSD system’s filesystems with the venerable dump program. This is the only program that can capture all features of the UFS filesystem. The filesystems to be backed up are:

    • The root filesystem.
    • The /usr filesystem.
    • The /var filesystem.


    My …

  4. Backups

    People usually have to learn the hard way that backups are important. For people not familiar with computers it takes time to appreciate the nature of digital data. Digital data is easy and cheap to create and copy, but equally easy to destroy and lose! It is very easy to …

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