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  1. Initializing a new git repo for a project

    Create a directory for the new project:

    mkdir newproject
    cd newproject

    Initialize for git:

    git init

    Tell git which types of files to ignore, e.g. compiled Python files:

    printf '*.pyc\n*.pyo' >.gitignore

    Using filters we can change do keyword expansion during check-out. A filter named kw is defined ...

  2. genbackup

    This shell-script makes a backup (with the tar program) of the directory from which it is called, with all its contents. It is one of the smallest scripts I've ever written but I've found it really useful to make fast complete backups of e.g. source archives.

    The ...

  3. git-check-all

    Update: This script should now be compatible with both python2 and python3.

    This scripts looks for all directories in the users' home directory that are managed by the git revision control system (i.e. that have a .git subdirectory).

    For each of those directories it checks wether there are uncommitted ...

  4. Keyword expansion for git

    One of the things I liked about the old rcs revision control system was that it supported keyword expansion in files. By default, git only supports using an $Id$ tag that will be expanded to the SHA-1 hash of the blob. This doesn't really tell you anything.

    Luckily, keyword ...

  5. Managing configuration files

    Configuration files for UNIX-like systems and the programs that run on them are usually plain text files. They tend to come in two flavors;

    System files
    These files live in /etc or /var or /usr/local/etc and control the running of the system and additional software, for all users ...

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