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  1. Video manipulation with ffmpeg

    Serveral useful recipes for manipulation video with ffmpeg.

    Note that a name within angle brancket (like <this>) represents a generic input or output file.

    Extracting raw audio

    The following recipe extracts the audio from a video file and converts it to WAV format.

    ffmpeg -y -hide_banner -i <input> -vn -c …
  2. Comparing stock ffmpeg with optimized ffmpeg

    Recently FreeBSD changed the multimedia/ffmpeg port to drop the -ffast-math and -fno-finite-math-only from the CFLAGS when building an optimized binary. The following experiment was conducted to see how much of a difference this makes.

    First we look at ffmpeg binary compiled with the standard options.

    >du /usr/local/bin …
  3. vid2mkv

    My digital camera can also produce movies, like most camera’s these days. It saves them in AVI format, with relatively poor mjpeg compression and uncompressed sound.

    So I wrote this python script to convert these AVI files to Theora / Vorbis streams in a matroška container. It takes the video …

  4. vid2mp4

    Videos with H.264 video and AAC sound im MP4 containers seem to strike a very good size performance balance. So I modified a copy of vid2mkv to use ffmpeg to create this kind of files instead.

    To speed up the processing of multiple files, this script runs the conversions …

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