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  1. Potato wedges from the oven

    These are delicious, easy and fast to make. No need to cook the potatoes beforehand.

    Peeled potato wedges wedges in a container with oil
    • Peel the potatoes and and cut them into wedges.
    • Put the wedges in a container and pour some oil over them. Olive oil is nice. But any edible oil that can withstand oven temperatures will …
  2. Rösti with vegetables

    This is my variation on the swiss classic. Another dish that is easy to make and doesn’t take up much time. To keep it simple, I’m using raw potatoes. Generally, starchy potatoes (“kruimige aardappels” in Dutch) work best.

    grating the potatoes grated potatoes
    • Peel the potatoes
    • Grate them on a coarse grater. The …

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