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  1. Windows 8: the infinite yak-shaving

    So I got a call from a friend who’s ms-windows 8 laptop was wedged.

    Having set the machine up for him, I felt obliged to help, even though troubleshooting ms-windows ranks pretty on the bottom my list of favorite activities.

  2. Writing the README first

    Today I watched Kenneth Reitz’s python for humans video. His statement that “API is all that matters” resonated with me because I sometimes struggle with that.

    Then he mentioned that you should write the README first, before writing any code. This is something that I do sometimes, but not always thoroughly. So I decided to use this as an experiment to refactor my beammech module.

  3. Headphone repair

    For listening to music and watching movies on a PC, I prefer headphones. Years ago, I bought a Sennheiser HD …

    date: 2013-01-04
    modified: 2016-12-11
    reading time: 1 min.
    category: miscellaneous
    tags: diy

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