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  1. dxftools


    The purpose of the ‘dxfgerber’ program is to generate optimized DXF files for processing on a Gerber cutting machine. The software for this cutter is apparently not very intelligent and doesn’t seem able to sort line and arc entities in a DXF file in a relevant order.

    This …
  2. py-stl / stl2pov


    The Python version of this program has been renamed to stltools. The version on this page is therefore out of date.

    The C version is still current, although it has limited functionality compared with the Python version.


    The origin of this software was found in the desire of …

  3. lamprop

    (tl;dr: download the latest version from github.)


    The purpose of this program is to calculate some properties of fiber-reinforced composite laminates. It calculates:

    • engineering properties like Ex, Ey, Gxy
    • thermal properties αx and αy
    • physical properties like density (ρ) and laminate thickness (t …
  4. rrm

    date: 2009-01-17
    modified: 2017-12-28
    category: software
    tags: C

    This program takes filenames as arguments. It overwrites the contents of these files with zeros, replaces the filename with a random one and then unlinks the files.

    It requires a C development environment and the make program.

    The source code is available from the github repo.


    It will not …

  5. onepad

    This is a set of programs to encrypt files using one-time-pad encryption. This is an old but theoretically impossible to easily break way of encryption. I came across this method in Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon.

    It works by XOR-ing every byte in the cleartext message with a byte in …

  6. Symbols for labeling chemicals

    This package contains Encapsulated PostScript versions of the symbols used to label chemicals, according to EU directive 67/548/EEC Annex II.


    From Januari 2012 these symbols will be obsolete in Europe. From that time onwards, all chemicals should be labelled according to the GHS. For pure substances (not …

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