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  1. mkhistory

    Update: The script is now compatible with both python2 and python3.

    Formatting git changelogs for LaTeX

    Most of the things I write, be it software or something else, are under revision control with git. Mostly because it makes undoing mistakes easy. My LaTeX documents are no exception. With software it ...

  2. csv2tbl

    The script takes a comma-separated values ("csv") file, and converts it to a LaTeX table. It handles a couple of different possible seperators; semicolon, comma and tab. Of those it automatically pics the one that occurs most.

    N.B.: it does not try to interpret quotation marks!

    It ...

  3. Making Ex Libris booklabels

    It has been my custom to mark books that I buy with my name and date of purchase. Initially I wrote these, but that became tedious. Since I'm not much of a graphic artist, I decided on creating a simple booklabel in LaTeX, as shown below. I'm using ...

  4. Typesetting

    Since the end of 2009 I've been using MultiMarkdown to format these pages, as an alternative to typing in HTML codes by hand, since the latter is becoming tedious. :-) So far, I find it rather comfortable. The advantage of multimarkdown over the original markdown systax is the support of ...

  5. European labels for chemicals


    This package contains Encapsulated PostScript versions of the symbols used to label chemicals, according to EU directive 67/548/EEC Annex II.

    It also contains a LaTeX file for printing 8 105x74 mm labels on an A4 page, plus a Makefile for automatically generating PostScript and PDF versions of ...

  6. Printing labels with LaTeX

    I bought a packet of 500 labels, see below. On the left is the front of the package. A page with four labels is shown in the middle.

    Unused and printed labels

    These labels were probably originally intended for a matrix printer since the pages are strung together. The page boundary is perforated, so ...

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