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  1. Convert RCS history to git

    date: 2017-08-13
    reading time: 1 min.
    category: howto
    tags: RCS git

    Before the rise of git, I used rcs as my version control system. Because I want to standardize on git, I am slowly converting old repositories.

    In this article I’ll be converting my old perl scripts in ~/src/perl.

  2. Removing big files from git history

    date: 2017-02-07
    reading time: 2 min.
    category: howto
    tags: git

    By accident I checked 60-odd full-size photographs into the git history of my website. I shrunk them in a next commit, but the history was still there leading to a bloated .git directory. This took a lot of time when making backups. This documents how I cleaned up this mess.

  3. PDF tricks

    This article contains several useful tricks for manipulating PDF files.

    The focus of this article is on Open Source and Free software, that are available for UNIX-like operating systems. These tools are made for use on the command-line of a shell.

  4. Adding text or graphics to a PDF file

    Using Acrobat Reader’s ability to add text et cetera has proven unreliable for me. On multiple occasions I have lost all the text added to a PDF file. When your filling in 20-plus pages worth of permit forms this is a huge waste of time and extremely annoying.

    So I set out to find another way using the free and open-source tools I have available.

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