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  1. Hex versus tet meshes in FEA

    In this article the difference in the images of the stresses between a quadrilateral hexahedron (“hex”) mesh and a tetraeder (“tet”) mesh will be investigated. In both cases, second order elements will be used.

    Hopefully this will make it clear to the reader why hex meshes are generally preferred.

    The plate with a hole that was the subject of a previous article will again be used. The analyses will be done using CalculiX.

  2. The titan implosion

    TL;DR, this was a triumph of stupidity and greed over good engineering.

    Engineering design standards are often written in blood, in the sense that these standards often came into being after accidents involving serious loss of life. The CEO of Oceangate ignored them, apparently because they got in his way of saving costs. As it turns out, reality is not susceptible to CEO bullshit.

    Unsurprisingly, “move fast and break things” is not a good strategy when lives are at stake.

  3. No AI training data here

    Recently “generative AI” models have become popular. The term however is a misnomer if not an outright lie.

    There is no “generating” going on, but basically little more than re-hashing of the training materials. This is a rip-off of human creativity, in which I refuse to participate.

    So the license of this website has been changed to include no derivatives and no commercial use.

    Using the content of this website as AI training data is explicitly not allowed.

  4. Repairing a USB flash drive

    Recently, one of my USB flash drives, a Kingston DataTraveller 100 G3, stopped working. It didn’t register at all in whatever PC I tried it in. So in this article, I will attempt to repair it.

  5. Building vkQuake 1.22.0 on FreeBSD

    The FreeBSD port is relatively old, and doesn’t support SDL 2.2. So I built version 1.22.0, which is current at the time of writing.

    The requirements are the same als the port.

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